Shakeology Price – How Much Does it Cost?

Before assessing the plans and costs of Shakeology, it is recommended to find out what this delicious drink really is all about: In essence it is a nutrient-rich shake that provides huge benefits for your mind and body. Basically, it is an all-in-one solution for anyone looking to improve their health and start consuming all of the required nutrients in a safe manner, that promotes weight loss.

Shakeology is a proven weight-loss solution that is being consumed around the world. It comes in a wide variety of flavors, and the variations come with different pricing plans as well, so let’s move on and take a detailed look at the costs involved when signing up. how much does shakeology really cost?

Pricing Plans

There are two specific “sizes” a person can order after selecting a particular flavor. The variations will be described later on in the read. It is best, to begin with the general pricing plans and what they have to offer.

Starting with the larger package in a resealable bag (30 servings), a person will be charged $129.95. The servings will all come in one bag, unlike the other option that can be considered.

The second plan that can be considered would be their 24 single-serve packages. Take one out, put it to use, and throw out the wrapper. It is a more “on the go” solution for those who are hoping to go with a cheaper option.

The Best Tasting Shake for Weight Loss?

shakeology is a great way to lose weight

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Another great option that I utilized was signing up to be a BeachBody Coach (an option I highly recommend!), and then I pay $99 for a 1 month supply. I personally go with the individual packets in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, as they work great for the shakes that I make, and have provided enough variety for me. The $99 price is on the auto delivery plan, as I’ll detail below.

It is recommended to go through all of the plans one by one to see which one works best. Each person will require specific payment settings before making the decision and going forward with it. The pricing plans are meant to be fair.

Monthly Auto-Delivery Plans

For those who are looking to get regular deliveries made to their address, it is best to go with the “monthly auto delivery” plans that are in place. What are these plans all about? The idea is to provide customers with the option of setting things up once and getting the packages on time every single month of the year.

It automates the process and removes all of the guesswork as to when the next package should be purchased and how it is going to be paid for. Everything is automated, and the user can expect to receive the package on the same day every single month.

What benefit can a person get with these plans? The idea is to save around $11-15 per month on the plan. This is given by the company for staying on the plan. It is a noticeable discount when things start to add up in the long-term. In essence, a person is saving around $132-$180 a year while getting the same amount. Is shakeology worth it?

For those who know they will be using these shakes for a long time to come, it is a no-brainer to go with the auto-ship program as soon as possible. It is the one way to make significant savings and get the discount that is craved for in this day and age.

Let’s move onto the variations that are on offer for those who are looking at making a choice. It is best to look at each variation and better understand the positives it brings along with the product.

It all starts with the seven flavors that are offered by the company:


1) Cafe Latte
2) Vanilla
3) Strawberry
4) Chocolate (my favorite)
5) Greenberry
6) Chocolate Vegan
7) Tropical Strawberry Vegan

Each flavor is powerful and has the punch consumers are looking for in this day and age. There is something for everyone when it comes to their tastes.

The “cafe latte” flavor can provide a burst of mocha and richness that is easy to savor and enjoy. It is created by a world-famous product named “Whole Coffee Fruit” and provides 25% caffeine while still maintaining the same qualities of a great cup of coffee.

With “vanilla”, a person is getting this classic flavor with all of the distinctive qualities that are expected from it. The vanilla beans are acquired from the heart of Madagascar, which is known for providing the best beans of them all. The flavor is as rich as it gets and a delight to taste.

The “strawberry” option is another classic and provides numerous benefits for those who are hoping to enjoy a nice shake. This is a whey protein solution that is out of this world and has the power-packed qualities that are desired from a solution of this nature.

Moving onto the “Greenberry” solution, this is a dream come true for those who love their greens. It has a tremendous combination of greens that come together to provide a nutrient-dense solution that is a fan favorite for numerous people around the world.

The “chocolate vegan” solution is tremendous as well because it provides something vegans can enjoy. Want something that is vegan, soy-free, and dairy-free? Well, this is the best seller in that regard. It has the same chocolatey goodness that is expected of it while remaining 100% vegan at the same time.

shakeology and the 21 day fix

Shakeology also works great with the 21 Day Fix weight loss program.

The “tropical strawberry vegan” shake is another winner. It is another world-class option for those who want to go with a 100% vegan option. This is soy-free and dairy-free for those who wish to go with the perfect shake. It maintains its strawberry richness and has all of the nutrients one requires.

Shakeology is also able to provide a combination of flavors for those who are looking to get a little bit of both. The combinations include:

1) Chocolate & Vanilla
2) Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cafe Latte
3) Chocolate & Cafe Latte
4) Chocolate & Strawberry
5) Chocolate Vegan + Tropical Strawberry Vegan

It is up to the customer to find what works best for them and what their taste profile is eager for. It is recommended to look at all of these options and make a choice. These packages come with an even amount of for each flavor (24 packets in total).

The costs are based on the pricing plan that is being selected. Choose a plan that is going to cater to the budget in place. Shakeology is one of the most affordable options in the market and provides value that is hard to locate anywhere else.


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