Learn How to Get a Bigger Butt Fast in 2019

the top tips for a larger and rounder buttIf you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to get a larger and more voluptuous butt, then you are like most women in the world these days. If you listen to modern music, or even music from the 1980s onward, then you probably know at least one thing: People generally find big butts to be sexy. From Sir Mix-A-Lot to Nikki Minaj, everyone wants to sing about how beautiful and sexy particularly large and round butts can be. Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with the perfect backside, which leaves many people wondering how they can make theirs larger . On the flip side, some people are blessed with a huge rear ends, but it doesn’t have the distinctively “sexy” shape and tone that inspires hip-hop music, and has thousands of people doing squats and lunges in hopes of improving their own backside.

So is there actually a way to get a bigger booty? Many people will tell you that if you aren’t naturally blessed with the kind of ass that turns heads, there is simply nothing you can do. But that is not the case! If you’re determined, and willing to put a bit of work and effort into it, you can absolutely manage to get a larger, firmer rear.

Best Butt Building Exercises

The absolute first thing you need to realize is that in order to get maximum results, you’re going to have to do a lot of exercise.

No one likes the idea of doing lots of exercise, especially if you’re already reasonably fit, it’s hard to go out of your way to do even more. But without the willingness to put that extra time and effort into your fitness routine, you will probably have no hope of getting the rear end you want.

So that is one of the very first things that you will want to keep in mind. There really are no quick fixes when it comes to actually getting a firmer and more shapely ass. It absolutely will take real work, so if this is something that you truly want, be ready to earn it!

You’ll hear a number of people talk about doing cardiovascular exercises, but if you’re wanting maximum backside growth, a ton of running probably will not do the trick. Don’t get us wrong, cardiovascular exercise can help you burn fat, and is absolutely vital if you want to build up your lung capacity and actually get in shape. However, depending on your body shape, you may not need to burn off fat in order to get a curvier butt. If you’re already somewhat on the thin side, then burning fat isn’t what you need to do, so you will want to focus on more of the muscle building workouts that we’re about to cover below.


One of the very best exercises for maximum glute growth is squats. These are done by placing your feet about shoulder width apart, and then bending down at the knees, keeping your back straight. Basically you will want to bend down until you’re sitting in an invisible chair, your butt perfectly parallel to the ground. Then, you simply stand back up.

If you want to work the muscles even more, you can try squatting down further, but keep in mind that this can cause stress on your lower back and knees, so make sure you’re sticking with the right technique.

Squats can be done with dumbbells or a barbell, but before going this route you should probably meet with a personal trainer or someone who is well versed on this workout, so you can be sure you are doing them right – getting that Kim Kardashian butt isn’t worth a life time of knee or back pain!

If free weights scare you, or just seem like more than you want to deal with, then you can also do a body squat, which simply involves performing the exercise detailed above, but using only your body weight. You can even take it one step farther and do something called a “burpee” if you’re really wanting to ramp up the exercise.

There are a couple of key things to do if you really want to do a body squat correctly, and learning the correct technique is also going to help ensure that you’re adding shape and size to your butt as well. The first thing you will want to do is to get your feet right about shoulder width apart from each other, and then you will want to clasp your hands on the backside of your head.

Next, you will want to start your downward motion with some flex in your hips and knees, almost as though you are sitting down by using your hips.

Keep heading in a downward, sitting position, and then use your hips to spring forward (almost like a pelvic thrust), until you’re back in the position where you started. As you are repeating this motion, make sure your chest and head are up, and you are pushing the knees in an outward motion.

Again, this is an exercise that you want to make sure you are doing correctly, so really, the best thing that you can do is to follow a butt building program like the Brazilian Butt Lift Workout, or get with a certified personal trainer at your gym who can help you do these glue exercises the RIGHT way.

Most of these workouts can be found on YouTube, and here are a couple of good videos to help you get your started.



Another great exercise to work the butt is the deadlift. In order to do a dead

the deadlift can help build up your butt muscles

If you do decide to try deadlifts, make sure to seek out advice from a professional…They’re not easy to do right!

lift, you’ll need weights. Just like with the squats, this exercise can really screw up your back and knees if it isn’t performed correctly, so make sure you know what you’re doing before giving it a try. You can practice the motion by using really light weights to start, or even just the barbell, and then once you have the technique mastered, you can start to add more weight. You should always meet with a professional before trying any weight lifting routine, and that includes your doctor!

Once you have done everything we have mentioned above,  you will want to stand next to the barbell, with your toes just underneath the bar itself. Squat down, grab the barbell while keeping your arms and back straight. Then, once you have a good grip on the barbell, stand up straight. Lift the barbell until it’s over your head, and then lower it back down, using the same form. Do multiple reps of this exercise in order to get the most out of it.

One really important thing to keep in mind is that exercises like squats and deadlifts are definitely not for beginners, and if you do not utilize the proper techniques you can put your self at risk for serious injury. For that reason, we highly recommend meeting with a doctor before starting any butt exercise or workout program, and then once you try the exercises make sure you seek the guidance of a certified personal trainer or another exercise expert who can walk you through the routines step-by-step, and can keep a close eye on your technique.


As you can see, there’s a running theme with the exercises you need in order to get a bigger ass. You need to do any kind of exercise that forces you to squat, and work the backs of your legs. Those are the kinds of lifts and exercises that will do the most to ensure you’re getting the butt you want.

Foods to Eat for Maximum Glute Growth

But exercise alone isn’t enough to make sure your rear end is getting larger, rounder, and more firm. You also have to pay attention to your diet. If you’re familiar with fitness trends, you might think this means to eat more protein. While it’s true you need more protein in order to help build your muscles, protein won’t help your butt in specific. Loading up on extra protein simply won’t help your butt get bigger by itself, though eating protein right after working out is generally a good idea.

One thing you will want to do with your diet is to change up the kinds of carbohydrates you eat. Try to cut out as many refined carbs as possible. That will help keep your weight and your shape at a decent level. Also, pay attention to where you tend to store fat. Many women store fat around their hips and their butt, which means that increasing the amount of calories you take in will help you get a bigger butt if that’s how your body works. However, if you store fat elsewhere, then losing weight is a better idea.


At the end of the day, getting a bigger, firmer butt isn’t complicated. It’s not easy, because it requires work and dedication, but the actual steps are fairly simple. Pay attention to your diet, make sure it’s nutritious and contains an appropriate amount of calories, and do exercises that target the area of your butt. Doing these things will help you get the butt you want and deserve.


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