Beachbody Workouts

Created in 1998 by Jon Congdon and Carl Daikeler, Beachbody has grown leaps and bounds in the fitness industry. It is a heralded name and one which garners respect among one and all for its variety and quality. Here at Maxed Out Glutes you will find a number of reviews and descriptions of a variety of BeachBody workouts and products. That includes products like the 21 Day Fix, Shakeology, and much more! As a Beachbody Coach, we’re dedicated to bringing you the most accurate information possible, and helping you get the most from all of the services Beachbody offers. Wit that being said, let’s take a quick look at what makes BB one of the best names in fitness!

There was a time when fitness was an elusive term ignored by most. It was difficult to go to the gym or acquire enough knowledge to see results. This changed when Beachbody entered the market. The company was created with an emphasis towards bettering lives and creating healthier lifestyles through structured programs. Set in California, this company is now one of the largest names in the industry.

They have released a wide variety of fitness programs and continue to push the limits of cutting-edge fitness. All programs are well-researched and intricately designed to ensure each individual attains the results they desire.

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Our Favorite Beachbody Products and Workouts

Brazil Butt Lift

It all begins with “Brazil Butt Lift“. Women and men who are looking to carve a beautiful butt will know it takes time. Most end up going towards solutions such as butt augmentation, but is that worth it? No, a natural solution is far better, and that is what BeachBody brings to the equation. This is a program designed for those who want to use a natural, high-quality method to improve the shape and look of their glutes.

the top tips for a larger ass

With the help of Leandro Carvalho, the program can shape a woman’s butt better than any other solution ever could.

Key Features:

1) Workout System For Better Glutes
2) Easy To Follow Three DVD Set
3) Includes Wide Array Of Workouts To Target All Angles
4) Workout DVDs Come In English And Spanish
5) Tested “Triangle” Method For Attacking Glutes For Growth
6) Combines Range Of Movements Into One Program

This is a program anyone can follow and is going to be of immense assistance to those who want a bigger and sculpted butt. It is a targeted program for those who want to look and feel better year-round.

Those who follow this program can attest to it being safe and efficient at all times. It is the perfect solution for those who want consistency.

21 Day Fix

The next product they have released into the market comes in the form of “21 Day Fix“.

The name says it all. The goal is to have a great body in 21 days with intense workouts that are easy to follow and are going to get you into shape as desired. This is a program that is varied and provides enough intensity to push you hard at all times.


The charm of this Beachbody product is the emphasis on nutrition along with what you are doing in your workouts. It is all about balance, and that is where the product tends to push forward.

Key Features

1) Seven Workouts In Total (30 Minutes Each)
2) Lose Significant Weight In Just 21 Days
3) Proven To Work
4) Consists Of Portion-Sizes For Nutritional Intake
5) Comes With Detailed Eating Plan
6) 7 Color-Coded Food Containers For Easier Portion Control
7) Continued Weight Loss Around The Clock

This is a weight loss program for those who are tired of not being able to see results or don’t want to wait around. It has earned critical acclaim over the years for the value it provides and how quick the results are.

As long as a person continues through this program as designed, it can help shed 10-15 pounds in 21 days. This is going to redefine how a person looks and what the are seeing in the mirror at the end of the day.

Most people continue with these workouts because they are impressed with the results and that only leads to additional progress. It is all about pushing forward, and that is what this Beachbody product does better than any other.


Tony Horton and P90X are world famous. No other Beachbody product has earned as much critical acclaim as this. It is the lead product for Beachbody and is one that is continually used to this day.

Tony Horton’s comical and intense approach to working out is what sets him apart. This is a program for those who want to build strength and muscle while doing it in less than 45 minutes.

The muscles are hit from all angles, and it only takes three months to increase results in a hurry. Most men and women adore this program and think it is a world-class setup that is well-detailed and easy to follow.

Key Features

1) Designed By Fitness Expert Tony Horton
2) Simple Mix And Match Routines To Hit All Muscle Groups
3) Twelve Diverse DVD Workouts For User To Follow
4) Emphasis On Muscle Confusion For Optimal Results
5) Detailed Three-Phase Nutrition Plan For Better Dietary Intake
6) See Results In 90 Days Or Less

It is all about pushing to new heights, and there is no better option than P90X when it comes to this. It is a product made for those who want to see their body in peak fitness year-round.


They have also released a product named “Insanity” which is run by Shaun T. It is a hardcore product that is advanced and provides excellent results in the long-term.

Key Features

1) Total Body Conditioning In 60 Days
2) Run By Fitness Expert Shaun T
3) Proven Maximum Intensity Workouts
4) Free Online Support For Added Motivation
5) 10 Workout DVDs To Hit Body From All Angles

This is a program anyone can get along with and see results. It is all about long-term results, and this brings it better than most.

BeachBody On Demand

Now, let’s move onto the latest product to their line in the form of “Beachbody on Demand”. This is a product for those who want to workout with new intensity and vigor.

Key Features

1) Unlimited Streaming Access To Workout Content
2) More Than $3000 Value In One Package
3) One-Stop Shop For All Workouts
4) Customized For Each Fitness Goal
5) Includes Range Of BeachBody Programs
6) New Programs Added On A Daily Basis

There is always something new, and BeachBody is providing a one-stop option for users. Just hop online from wherever you are and access online content. It doesn’t matter what Beachbody program you want (i.e. P90X, Brazil Butt Lift, Insanity), you will be able to access it here.


There is always new content on offer, and it is the complete option for those who want consistent quality.

These are the products offered by Beachbody right now. Each program is unique and intricately woven to meet all needs and wants. Fitness is all about structure and understanding what the body requires to progress. Whether a person is aiming for strength gains or wish to lose fat, the quality of a program is going to determine how far they go.

Beachbody does not cut corners with the programs it presents and ensures the quality is well-balanced and easy to appreciate. With the likes of Tony Horton and Shaun T on board, this is a brand that is not only well-respected but able to push the limits of what the human body can do.

It doesn’t matter what background a person is coming from when it comes to their fitness, these programs are hardcore and will you to the end. There are variations present for beginners to ease in, while experts can push harder and further than they ever have before.

Each program is unique and adds something new to the mix. This is the beauty of Beachbody and what it continues to provide those who trust its products and understand the value it brings.